Graphic Designer Kurt Bielema has a Point


Single Stereo is a studio of one specializing in creative direction for web, print, and exhibit design. The entire process, from ideation to execution, is handled in-house — be it typesetting, 3D-rendering, code-wrangling, phone-answering, correction-making...

The studio’s name reflects the design philosophy of creative collaboration. Think about listening to music wearing headphones, but in only the left ear. And now think about what a wonderful difference it makes when you turn on the right ear — completing the stereo field. How this relates to the studio: Creative + Client = Single Stereo Vision.

Kurt Bielema runs this place and is responsible for the creative output and day-to-day operations. Expansion is not planned anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean the studio isn’t growing (if you know what I mean).


The quote at the top is meant to advise great speech creation, but could very well inform other types of communication — namely visual and musical.

In keeping with that, I’m very, very fortunate to do what I love for a living. Single Stereo LTD is where I work. The Stereographic is a visual blog I maintain, and when the mood strikes, I play the banjo, guitar, mandolin, uke, or piano.

Thanks to D. Pink for the mantra, and T. Schmidt for the man.